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If you desire to be saved and to know Jesus in a personal relationship, then hear this and  act.
CHRISTIAN TESTIMONIES: Hear great and amazing testomies of salvation, healing, deliverance, transformation, miracles and wonders.
Listen to audio recordings of biblical promises.
Audio teachings of the Word of Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of Man.  Teachings and preaching  by Pastor Giuseppe Ramacieri and other messengers of God.
The Spirit of Christ will accompany the word of our Biblical Confession AND FULFILL HIS WORD IN OUR MOUTHS. Healings shall come. Faith shall be increased. The promises of God shall be fulfilled as we believe and obey the Spirit and walk in love. The devil will flee from us and fear us. God's holy angels will come into action in our behalf and perform according to God's Word spoken in faith. So speak God's Word, speak it in faith, speaking it boldly, confess it, proclaim and see yourself be blessed beyond measure.
Enjoy some great gospel videos and be blessed!
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Join in praying anointed prayers, prayers based of the written of of God, biblical prayers accompanied with music.
Here are some great books wrriten by powerful evangelists and preachers like Dwight Lyman Moody, Charles Finney, John Bunyan, John Foxe, etc.
Hear experiences that people have had with Jesus, Hell, or God's eternal kingdom in heaven; whether by vision, dreams, or spiritual visitation. Receive a divine revelation of Heaven and Hell. God wants you to go to Heaven and escape the fires of Hell. This page contains: MP3 Mary Kathryn Baxter Divine Revelation of Hell, Heaven is so Real by Choo Thomas, The Final Quest MP3 and text by Rick Joyner, Bill Wiese 23 Minutes in Hell MP3, Pilgrim Progress by John Bunyan (MP3 and Text), Free Audio MP3 Bible, Jesus Christ Resources, Christian End Time Prophecy Book, information on Perdition, Temptation, Wrath and damnation, God's Messiah Yeshua. Other Topics: inferno fire, religion and spirituality encounters, Testimony of Afterlife, Death, NDE, Angels and Demons, We discuss Spiritual Warfare, Dreams and Visions.
Hear the Father's Love Letter (Free Mp3 download also available). Other material from the Father's Love Letter website: Journey Home Video and Mp3,  Dancing In Daddy's Arms (Music Video and Mp3),  Father Loves You  (Music Mp3 and Video),  and MORE.
My Favorite Websites: Free Bible Study Software, Audio Bible In Many
Languages , Powerful Christian Ministries, Through The Bible Study

Faith Comes By Hearing
FREE Audio Bible Downloads

Audio Bible downloads offered by Faith Comes By Hearing are
available in 380 Audio Scripture recordings in hundreds of
languages and reach 4.4 billion people in 97 countries. This is
the world's largest catalog of Audio Bibles, reaching and
discipling the world's poor and illiterate with the pure Word
of God.

Audio Bible downloads are available to help spread the Word of
God to those who cannot read. MP3 Bibles and Bibles on CD are
one of the best ways to share the scriptures with the world's
poor and illiterate by helping them to understand the teachings
of Christ. For this reason, Faith Comes by Hearing have tasked
themselves with creating and recording Bible translations to
reach the majority of the approximately 6,800 different
languages spoken by cultures spanning the globe today.

The Bible online has also become popular in the
technology-driven countries in North America and Europe. Anyone
with an iPod can listen to an MP3 Bible on the go. Audio bible
downloads are easily transferred to a computer and the Bible on
CD can be used in any CD device. With these new Audio Bible
formats it is easy to bring the Bible along with you.

Compassion International- www.compassion.com
Sponsor a child online through
Compassion's Christian child
sponsorship ministry. Search for
a child
by age, gender, country,
birthday, special needs and more.
Compassion is an
international child development ministry,
committed to releasing children from their spiritual, economic,
social, and physical poverty in Jesus' name.
Devoted to
evangelism and discipleship, Compassion is
Christ-centered, Child-focused, and Church-based.

Personally, I sponsor a child and I encourage you to
sponsor a child through the ministry of Compassion

Church of Jesus Christ (Father-Son-Holy Spirit)
The website of the Church of Jesus Christ (Father-Son-Holy
Spirit), where the Lord Jesus Christ is worshipped in Spirit
and in truth. The Word of God is preached in power and with the
authority of the Holy Spirit, and accompanied with signs and
wonders. Proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ. Annoncing
his coming and preparing for the Rapture and reaching the lost.
The purpose of this webpage is to present Online and MP3 Bible
Teachings, Christian Internet Radio, Praise and Worship Music
(Gospel Music), Online Prayer Request, Mission and Evangelism

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

I love Kenneth and Gloria Copeland dearly. I have been blessed
greatly by their ministry. It is powerful. They have keen
insights into the things of God. They have a prophetic
anointing. They help their christian brothers to mature and
grow up spiritually like nobody else I know. On their website
you'll find archive of their "Believer's Voice of Victory
Broadcast", free Mp3 Downloads of great Bible teachings given
during theis Believer's Convention and television broadcasts;
you'll find God-given prophecies delivered through Brother
Copeland, Believer's Voice of Victory Magazine to read and

Kenneth Hagin Ministries

Kenneth Hagin Ministries is about building faith to receive
from God, faith to be healed by the Power of God and of His
Word, faith to go from victory to victory and from glory to
glory in Christ, faith to be all God wants you to be. What a
wonderful heritage this prophet of God helps us to receive
through faith in Christ Jesus the Lord. I love this ministry so

e- Sword /The SWORD of the LORD with an
electronic edge
Free Bible study software for Windows. e-Sword is feature rich
and user friendly. Prepare great sermons and awesome Bible
studies.e-Sword is a Bible study computer software package
created by Rick Meyers and developed for Microsoft Windows and
Pocket PC. Development started in January 2000. Since that
time, it has continually grown in popularity, reaching
7,000,000 downloads in January 2008.[1]. e-Sword supports
several English translations, as well as translations into many
other languages.
Pocket e-Sword 1.0 was released in December 2003. By May 2007
there had been 1,000,000 downloads of Pocket e-Sword.[1] This
is the version that runs on the Pocket PC.

Divine Revelations

This page Contains: MP3 Mary K. Baxter Divine Revelation of
Hell, Heaven is so Real Video by Choo Thomas, The Final Quest
MP3 and text by Rick Joyner, Bill Wiese 23 Minutes in Hell MP3,
Pilgrim Progress by John Bunyan (MP3 and Text), Free Audio MP3
Bible, Jesus Christ Resources, Christian End Time Prophecy
Books, information on Perdition, Temptation, Wrath and
damnation, God's Messiah Yeshua, Other Topics: inferno fire,
religion and spirituality encounters, Praise and worship,
Testimony of Afterlife, Death, NDE, Angels and Demons

Firefighters For Christ

Hurry to the Firefighters for Christ MP3 Download Site!
This is where you can download all kinds of audio messages to
enrich your study of God's word. We pray that you are blessed
by this site and that you use the materials offered here to
grow in your faith in Jesus Christ and to witness to others
about what God has done for us all.

Insights of God

Jesus is alive and still speaks to people today just as He did
when he was with His disciples on the earth. In this site, you
will hear and read experiences that people have with Jesus,
Hell, or God's eternal kingdom in heaven; whether by vision,
dream, or spiritual visitation.

It's Supernatural! - Sid Roth's Messianic
Watch the TV show "It's Supernatural" ONLINE and DOWNLOAD the
video files for FREE, listen to radio programs, or read the
book "They Thought for Themselves".See miracles, witness signs
and wonders in direct. Hear amazing testimonies of healings,
and miracles and supernatural visitations of God.

Answering Islam: A Christian-Muslim Dialog and
Provides an in-depth historical and Biblical response to
doctrines of Islam and counters claims of Islamists. Includes
an encyclopedia of Islam.

GodTube is the premier, Christian video-driven social network
where users find inspiration, interact, chat, share and upload
Christian videos.

I invite you to the “Awake and Go Global Prayer Network”. You
will find resources and teaching materials to encourage your
local church, bible study or prayer group. They have three
primary values and objectives in which they hope to serve and
encourage the Body of Christ:
1. Genuine Revival is a supernatural celebration of the
Supremacy of Jesus Christ.
2. Genuine Revival mobilizes the Church to World evangelism for
the glory and pleasure of God.
3. Genuine Revival is always preceded by faith, humility and
united prayer.

Free Mp3 Downloads of the Bible in many languages.

Prepare to be shaken and revived with incredible testimonies,
convicting messages, and the Word of God that will radically
transform your life and the lives of many others.

Your faith will be strengthened as the result of listening. For
faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word of God (Romans
10:17). Please proceed with ears that hear and a heart that is
opened to the Truth.

We encourage you to not only listen, but to download and to
duplicate as many CD/DVDs and other material as you like as
well as to distribute them to the maximum extent possible.
Others can share by posting many of these links throughout the

On this site there are: Free CD tracts, Free DVD tracts, Free
Mp3, Free Videos. You will find free MP3 downloads of christian
testimonies of healing and deliverance, free downloads of
Christian Gospel Videos and Films. You can also watch those
amazing videos online.